Our Boys

Olympic Rose Simply The Best


Olympic Rose Simply the Best is a true "momma's boy". His favorite toy is a tug o war rope that he would gladly tug on all day. He loves to strut his stuff in the Confirmation ring and then promply curl up in his human's lap while watching t.v. Ollie is a spunky, dramatic boy who believes he is simply "The Best."

Olympic Rose Chasing Pavements At Luvin Biewers


Olympic Rose Chasing Pavements at Luvin Biewers "Chase" is one of the happiest boys you'll ever meet. The judges always comment on how happy he is in the show ring and love to see his tail constantly wagging. Chase loves to play fetch and then curl up in your lap for a long nap. 

Nat/Int/HnrCH-B G Leslie Howard Von Fritz


Nat/Int/HnrCH-B G Leslie Howard Von Fritz "Reefer" resides with two of his three humans. Reefie says he's a handsome boy but would prefer watch squirrels out the window. You can usually find him curled under a blanket, staying warm and safe from Washington weather.